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COVID-19: Adeboye Recruits 1,000 Prayer Warriors To Pray For Nigeria, World



Adeboye Issues Directive To Nigerians On Rising Insecurity

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, on Saturday morning recruited one thousand prayer warriors to pray for Nigeria and the world to overcome COVID-19.

Adeboye while speaking at the cross over service of the Church stated that people are unaware that they need to ask for forgiveness from God to halt the virus.

According to the cleric, scientists are discovering vaccines to cure the virus and another variant stronger than the vaccines, requiring a booster jab are emerging.

Adeboye said, “Convulsion is still on in the world and the world has failed to apologise to God. What got me more concerned is that Omicron is not a baby of COVID-19, it is the grandchild of COVID-19. That is why it is moving faster but softer.”

The RCCG general overseer further stated that there is no way he would charge members of the National Assembly to repent because they will call him bluff as he is not their leader.

Adeboye said to halt the spread of the virus, his friends have advised him to plead with God on behalf of Nigeria and the world.

He added, “I need 1,000 volunteers, strong Christians, young and prayer warriors to join me in seeking the face of God for Nigeria and the world.”

The cleric noted that the prayer warriors would join him in 72-hour of fasting and praying continuously.

Adeboye stated that the first 24 hours would be devoted to praying for Nigeria, 24 hours for the world while the remaining 24 hours would be made known to them what it would be used for.

He noted that the prayer warriors would be selected on a first come first serve basis.

According to Adeboye, praying and fasting would start in February 2022.

He added that countries would not open up again if they detect any other variant, following what happened to South Africa when its government opened up on the Omicron variant.

Adeboye said, “In the future, those who would detect another variant will not talk. We need to do something urgently so that there will not be another variant.”

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