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2023: Buhari Can’t Do More Than His Ability – Obasanjo



2023: Buhari Can't Do More Than His Ability - Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has asked Nigerians not to expect anything different from the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

Obasanjo admonished Nigerians to concern themselves about Buhari’s successor and stop being optimistic about the current government.

The former Nigerian leader made this known at an event organised by the Global Peace Foundation and Vision Africa in Abuja on Monday.

He asserted that President Buhari has done the best of his ability, adding that Nigerians that are expecting anything more from the president are wasting their time.

He said: “President Buhari has done his best. That is what he can do. If we are expecting anything more than what he has done or what he is doing, that means we’re whipping a dead horse and there is no need.

“Then, where do we go from here? We cannot fold our hands. I believe that is part of what we’re doing here and what we continue to be doing. How do we prepare for post-Buhari? Buhari has done his best. My prayer is that God will spare his life to see his term through.

“What should we do to make post-Buhari better than what we have now? That is our responsibility now, because it concerns all of us.”

Speaking further, Obasanjo claimed that political will and political action can effectively solve the security challenges facing the country.

He asserted that military actions alone would not effectively tackle the activities of bandits, terrorists and other criminals in the country.

He said: “People talk of political will, but I talk of political action. Political will is not enough. It must be matched by political action.

“The problem of insurgency will not go away, if all we are using is the ‘stick’ (military action). We may suppress it, and keep it down a bit, but we have to use ‘carrot and stick’ together to effectively tackle the problems.”

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