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Woman Who Is Desperate For Husband Wears Wedding Gown And Storms Street With Placard



A woman who is in dire need of a husband, has worn a wedding gown and held up a placard on the streets.

The Tanzanian woman was seen dressed in a wedding gown and carrying a placard that indicates the kind of man she wants to be with in Buza, Dar es Salaam.

She said that she has money and would pay her own dowry and buy the man a suit.

The desperate lady said she was with two rings one for herself and the other for her husband to be.

She also informed a YouTuber that she is a virgin.

I even have the wedding rings with me. I will pay the dowry and even buy the suit for the man who will step forward. I am Christian but have no qualms converting to Islam as long as the man is respectful and God-fearing,” said the lady wearing a wedding gown.

When asked why she decided to make such a move the lady said she wasn’t getting any younger and she needed a man

I am getting old and need a man,” she said.

She was also asked where she got the courage to take such a bold step and she replied that she had not broken the law by her actions.

The lady said she has been searching for husband since Wednesday, September 15 and this was her forth day in search for her future husband.