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Crowd Flock To Watch A Goat Walk On Two Legs



A goat in India entertained villagers in Telwer, Bihar, surprisingly, after lifting its front legs up and walked with its 2 hind legs for about 10 metres.

The video of the 2-legged goat has been widely circulated on social media, much to everyone’s surprise.
As the goat walked, many people stopped to watch the miracle.

According to the New York Post, the villagers had long taught the goat to walk with two legs before it could perform the trick.

According to the video, the goat walked like a human for about 10 meters in front of people without relying on anything or its front legs.
The villagers taught it to walk for hours before it appeared in public. This amazing sight has attracted people from many parts of the country to the village where the goat is, to see a goat walking on 2 legs.

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