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Restructuring: Dickson Speaks On What Operation Amotekun Has Done To Nigeria



Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson has joined a league of Nigerian stakeholders to speak on the future impact of  the security initiative of South-West governors “operation Amotekun” on the Nation

Dickson, who threw his weight behind Operation Amotekun, revealed Operation Amotekun has made the restructuring of the country inevitable. He also said the governors opted for the outfit because of “the politicization and collapse of the centralized national security apparatus in the country”.He, therefore, warned that if the country was not restructured, there might be nothing left for Nigerians to restructure when they were ready.

Dickson added, “Amotekun is a clear issue of restructuring. It is like state and regional police that I have been calling for.”

However, there are fears that Operation Amotekun might later become the regional army of the southwest as prescribed by some northern elders like the former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa.

Naija News understands that Musa accused Southwest governor of setting up the security outfit as a prelude to the declaration of Oduduwa Republic.

Meanwhile, in reaction to this statement, Nigerian Nobel laureate, Professor Woke Soyinka has described Musa prediction as baseless.

Balarabe is sadly, but I hope not tragically wrong. I invoke the tragic dimension here because the making of tragedy, especially for nations, often begins when fears are mistaken or promoted as facts, and governments either by themselves, or together with interest groups, are enticed by fears into embarking on precipitate, irrational, and irreversible acts.

“Such acts turn out, in the end, to be based on nothing but fears, sometimes generated by guilt over past injustices, such as inequitable dealing. That is the basis of tragedy, towards which nations are propelled by a partial, or wrongful reading of socio-political realities and – history. I would like to see this nation avoid such a blunder. So, I am certain, would Balarabe Musa.

“Raising the spectre of secession is a facile approach to the dangerous, self-evident lapses in governance which Balarabe himself/acknowledges in his response to the Amotekun principle made flesh. The midwives of Amotekun have repeatedly acknowledged that theirs is only a contribution towards a crisis of escalating proportions.

“Other states should be encouraged to emulate, not misread such initiatives, then demonize them by false attributions. That is the certain recipe for tragedy, ” he said.


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