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American Musician, John Legend Visits Nigeria



John Legend Joins List Of Google Assistant Voices

John Legend has paid a surprise visit to Nigeria

Meanwhile, the American Singer’s Visit has generated reactions form his wife and other fans as  Chrissy Teigen says she wants to come too but her reason will amuse you

John Legend has joined the list of American celebrities who have visited Nigeria in the past few months. Now, his wife Chrissy says she wants to visit Nigeria too for an amusing reason.

The model tweeted: “John went to Nigeria for a couple days and I thought about going, purely to find Michael from 90 days, but…the enchilada has rendered me useless.”

Recall that Michael, a Nigerian man, amused the world when he began to feature in a reality show titled “90 Day Fiance”. He is engaged to a much older White woman named Angela and their love story, including Angela coming to Nigeria to meet her Yoruba in-laws, has made for an amusing TV show.

however here are the reaction of several fans and lover as he pays his first visit to Nigeria bellow:


Source: Naija News

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