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Doctor Arrested For Performing Abortion On Wrong Woman



A Medical doctor and nurse have been arrested by the police in South Korea after performing an abortion on the wrong patient after there was a mix-up in the medical charts of patients at the clinic.

According to The Star Online, the doctor was arrested on charges of professional negligence for failing to check the patient’s information before the abortion.

The police while speaking on the incident stated that the victim had been prescribed nutritional supplements on August 7.

A further report had it that when she entered the delivery room where the hospital also gave injections and conducted surgeries neither the nurse nor the doctor checked the patient’s identity.

Confusing the patient for another, the nurse injected the patient with anaesthesia after which the doctor performed the abortion.

The woman returned to the hospital the next day after experiencing bloody discharge and was told that the fetus had been aborted.

Abortion is illegal in most cases in South Korea.

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