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Alex Rodriguez Consoles Jennifer Lopez During Her Tour



An ideal relationship! Alex Rodriguez proves he is the biggest fan of Jennifer Lopez.On Saturday, the 49-year-old star gave her fans a more intimate look at her life, especially now that she’s travelling on her It’s My Party tour. While many are used to seeing the perfect “Dinero” performer on stage and off, she has shown her subscribers another aspect of her personality.

In a recent video posted on Youtube , J.Lo reveals her vulnerable side and a moment when she did not feel at his advantage on the dance floor.

“It was a difficult concert for me,” she says to her fiance after one of her performances did not go as planned: she explains that she hit her face and started to bleed on stage.

“It was the best concert I’ve seen so far,” says A-Rod, almost shocked by his statement. “You made sure, and you showed why you’re a champion, baby, you fell and you got up and did a great performance.”

The 49-year-old star holds her tears as she explains how she felt during her performance. “I’m not happy with myself,” she said to her man.

“You do not see how fantastic you are, you have no idea,” the 43-year-old sports journalist told his sweetheart. He then tells him, “Baby, no one is focusing on dance, people are captivated by the fact that you are so beautiful and that you sing so well.”