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Unveiling Big Mam Naija Spelling Bee Reality TV Show


Big Mam Naija Spelling Bee Reality TV Show is the brainchild of GEG RESORTS LTD, a registered Non-Governmental Organization with the CAC and endorsed by Federal ministries to organize competitions and other social events that are geared towards youth developments.

We believe that the greatest gift to the youth is to encourage them and support them and invest in education and entrepreneurship.

This is the reason for organizing spelling competition among Nigerian school students, to promote accurate spelling of the commonly used words and improve the knowledge of students and also invest in education to support them and also to let them understand that after education there are other channels outside the certificate which their mindset can be focused positively through acquiring skill acquisition.

With the current challenge the educational system in Nigeria is facing today, we all have a role to play to encourage the young ones the importance of putting more effort to study in Nigeria. All these achievements won’t be possible without a vibrant self-financing post-secondary sector. By offering a wider range of articulation opportunities and choices, and providing quality, diversified and flexible pathways with multiple entry and exit point secondary school leavers, the sector will not only nurtures talent for our knowledge-based society but also helps elevate south-east, South-South’s status as a regional education hub.

With the aim of putting together an educational TV series that combine spelling bee, a reality show which brings out the participants potentials towards nation building and also their special talents outside paperwork makes us outstanding from other spelling bees.

The BIG MAM NAIJA SPELLING BEE REALITY TV SHOW tagged “HEARING FROM THE FUTURE” will be an annual challenge that brings together students in secondary schools across the South-South and South East to compete with each other in spelling positive words that will shape their lives and their tomorrow as we hear what they can offer as leaders of tomorrow.

The process of learning how to spell, learning new words, their meaning, sentence construction and application is the most important aspect of the BIG MAM NAIJA SPELLING BEE COMPETITION. It enables participants to understand concepts better, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage.

Also, they will acquire knowledge, develop cognitive skills, and increase their understanding of ideas and values making them competent to pass standardized tests and therefore staying in school longer. Their attitudes towards life will be shaped positively and they will gain skills like confidence and presentation abilities that will make them succeed.

We believe this will not only help and motivate them to complete school but also transform them into change agents and credible leaders that have a focus on whom they want to be in future and how they can transform the nation if given the opportunity.

First ever spelling bee reality show, packaged to promote the Edu-Tourism in the South-East South-South to entertaining over 150millon viewers in the region with interesting series from these futures of tomorrow ranging from Documentaries, Spellings, spelling challenge among the participants.

With over 40 senior secondary students participating in the BIG MAM NAIJA SPELLING BEE REALITY TV SHOW from both private and commercial schools in Abia, Imo, Anambra and Rivers state we wish to go deeper into their lifestyle, hunt their talents, position their mindset positively towards the national building as futures of tomorrow.

Encouraging the participants to research new words, the meaning of these words, the pronunciations and spelling is the aim of incorporating the spelling bee into the reality show.

We wish to achieve this great task with the support of different sectors; education, tourism, entertainment as it concerns every part of the Edutourism and Edutainment towards a positive mindset.

We are partnering with different radio and tv stations like  Silverbird TV Port Harcourt, MCL Aba and ABS Anambra which will be coming on the screen every Sunday evening to entertain the viewers and also on our youtube channel to watch all of the series from the making to live performance.

Moreso, you can also vote for your favourite contestant. Each vote cost 30# only. (How to vote?) type BMN (school number) TO 32811

As futures of tomorrow, they have a lot to tell us, a lot to inspire and educate us, and also entertain us.

We encourage the teachers and parents to allow their students and children to participate and watch this educative series.

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