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#OurMumuDonDo To Launch First Nigeria Social Contract Initiative



OurMumuDonDo (translated as our docility or lack of concern is enough) Movement has called on major stakeholder in the Nigerian political project to the Launch of the First Nigerian Social Contract Initiative (NSCI) in Abuja on June 20, 2018.

According to a statement signed by Chairman/Convener Charles Otupa and the Secretary of the Movement, Rapheal Adebayo, the movement said that The NSCI project is fundamentally premised on the socio-political urgency to scale up citizens engagement in governance as well as create a viable tool to demand an in-corrupt, pro-people, transparent, and accountable democracy.

The statement says that the Social Contract would afford Nigerians prevent any corrupt tendencies of corrupt leaders while they are out and in government.

The social contract provides a tool for holding government accountable and a framework for the common people and the leaders of the state to negotiate for social change and political stability.

“The Social contract is about what I (the voter/citizen) can do, what you (the aspirant/candidate/government) can do, and what we (all) can do for ourselves to have a better country, good governance, curb corruption, ensure transparency and accountability in our government and enjoy peace and stability.

“The Movement understands that the gravest challenge of entrenching democracy in Nigeria is the lack of effective engagement of the citizens in political governance. This lack of engagement results in lack of real accountability, corruption, poor governance and the general failure of political leadership.

“The purpose of this project, the first of its kind in our great country, is for the common man to first understand the concept and basis for a social contract as a necessary pact between the people and the political class, to demand a greater access to government through transparent and accountable leadership, prevent and curb corruption through popular participation, and participate by performing his or her civic duties.

“This intervention will establish a give-and-take practice that will promote open government and bring value and satisfaction to both the electorates and those seeking to get their votes, before, during and after elections.

“Through this campaign, the OurMumuDonDo Movement seeks to ramp up citizens engagement in the democratic process and also discourage the shameful and unenviable tradition of politics as a pecuniary transaction, where the electorates are induced by the political class.

“Ultimately, this intervention will focus on inclusive participation in democratic governance, returning power to the rightful owners (the people), discouraging the trading of votes during elections, scaling up citizens performance of civic duties and encouraging the culture of asking questions and holding leaders accountable.”

Source: Naija News

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