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Pro-Life League Advises Women Against Abortion, Offers Help



Pro-Life League, A non-governmental organisation has begged women who get pregnant against their will not to abort their unborn babies.

The humanitarian organisation stated that there was “increasing rate of abortions among youths and married women.”

The concerns were expressed by the President of the humanitarian organisation, Mechelin Iketalu, ahead of the Pro-Life League’s ‘March For Life’ rally expected to hold on Saturday.

Iketalu stated that there was an increase in the rate at which unmarried and single women abort their babies in the country, while urging the government and policy makers in the country to equate the punishment for abortion with that of murder.

Iketalu, advised parents to teach their daughters about sex education before they reach puberty and warned against the use of “chemicals and devices” to control birth.

He said, “We must recognise that D & C abortion is the most common and dangerous to the health of a young girl who engages in abortion.

“Frequent visits to a clinic for abortion can cause damage to the womb. We must understand that abortion is equal to murder, because the child in the womb is a human being.

“We must work to protect the weak and vulnerable members of our human family against the threat of ‘mercy killing’ and pray for the wisdom and compassion to properly comfort, care for and discourage those considering suicide.

“Fear of stigmatisation should not be a reason to embark on abortion. Whether you are married or not, abortion remains a wrong thing to do.

“We now have more married women partaking in abortion than the singles. Couples need to plan adequately to control pregnancies without using contraceptives.”

Beneficiaries of the Pro-Life League’s humanitarian aid, said to have been rescued by the organisation, advised women and youths not to consider aborting their unwanted pregnancy.

Maltida, One of the Pro-life league Beneficiaries said, “Abortion can never be the way. I am happy and proud to see my baby now.

“I almost aborted him, but I was advised not to. I advise others not to let poverty or any other factor push them to abort their pregnancies.”

Source: Naija News

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