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See How Mercy Johnson and Husband Handle Fights




Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson, and her husband, Prince Okojie, have disappointed the expectations of many people who have been waiting to receive the news of their marriage breakup. The pair has weathered their fair share of storms, especially at the beginning of their marriage, with many labeling the actress ‘home breaker’. But six years down the line, Mercy Johnson’s husband few days ago, has said that nothing else can break their home.

Okojie disclosed that he holds his wife in high esteem and as a result, they quarrel scarcely. Speaking in an interview with Lanre Odukoya of New Telegraph, he said;

“Prior to our marriage, I’d known my wife for three years; we actually met in 2008. We started living together in 2009 and we got married in 2011. It’s been God all the way, there’s no miracle or anything much, it’s just been God.

“With marriage break-ups and celebrity dramas, I think it depends on what one wants. For me, when I met my wife, I knew she was the one for me. The love, the affection, and the tender care are all present, and although we might have some misunderstanding but when we sleep over it, we move on. My wife is my best friend, I hold her in high esteem and as a result of this, we don’t quarrel often. When we do, we learn from it and move to the next level.”

In addition, Mercy Johnson’s husband revealed that he has never had a situation where he would not speak with his wife for up to a day because of dispute. His words:

“I have a very big house, my wife has a very big room and so do I, but she has never spent the night in her room for one day. Sometimes when I tease her and say ‘go to your room’, she tells me ‘this is our room not your room’ and so most times we are always together. I have never experienced anything like this, my marriage to her is so sweet and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. Like I said, I won’t give the kudos to man but to God Almighty who has kept us in happiness, in peace and in harmony.”

Commenting on the question of how he deals with emotions that arise when he watches his wife on screen, Mr. Okojie said:

“I do not watch her movies. I’ve not done a lot of interviews but the few I’ve done, I usually tell them this. My best TV channels are news channels like CNN and Channels TV.

I have multiple decoders in my house and so when the others are watching movies, I’m in the other parlour watching news or football”.

Mercy Johnson’s husband further revealed that when for any reason he quarrels with his wife, they always settle things in their bedroom. He also made it known that having children has not affected his relationship with Mercy as it is believed that the presence of kids in a marriage usually threaten the quantity and quality of time couples spend together.

“There’s no divided attention at all, love is where it is. I play Ludo, Chess, and Scrabble with my wife, and my kids know that mum is fun to daddy and dad is fun to mummy”, he said.

See more excerpts from the interview below:

Apart from acting, in which other ways do you encourage your wife?

I encourage her in every field; whenever she comes up with an idea, I always try to look into it with her, and if it’s something that will help her positively, I encourage her to do it.

What other thing does she do outside acting?

She has a TV show that she just launched titled ‘Mercy, Cook-ing and Kids’. A lot of my friends have told me they would like to see more of her, so I’ve been encouraging her in that field.

Apart from your kids, what’s the biggest gift your wife has ever given you?

I’ve received a lot of gifts from my wife, but I don’t know the one that’s the most expensive. Whenever she travels, she always gets things for me.

What more do you want in your wife?

I don’t want anything, I just want her to keep on loving me and that’s all.

What do you miss about Mercy when she’s on set or whenever she’s not at home?

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Well, I’m also very busy, so most times when she’s on set, I’m most probably not around too. However, my wife is a very lovable person; we play a lot of games together, so when she’s not around I miss those moments.

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