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Iranian President: Hamas Raises ‘Great Concern’ Over Helicopter Crash




Palestinian Militia group Hamas has raised concerns after a helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and other Iranian officials crashed on Sunday.

Naija News reports that a helicopter transporting Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and other officials encountered a severe mishap, resulting in a hard landing in a northern region of Iran, sparking widespread concern.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday, has led to the death of the President and the Foreign Minister.

In response to the crash, Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, has issued a statement expressing deep concern and solidarity with the Iranian leadership and people.

“In this painful incident, we express our full solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran, its leadership, government, and people,” the statement read.

Hamas also invoked divine protection for the safety of President Raisi (who was later confirmed dead) and his delegation, highlighting the close ties between the group and Iran.

This tragic event has attracted broader international attention due to its potential impact on regional stability and diplomatic dynamics.