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Inspiring Inclusion: Infinix Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024




This International Women’s Day (IWD), March 8th 2024, Infinix proudly embraces the global theme of “#InspireInclusion,” reflecting on strides we’ve made towards a more inclusive world and recommitting to the journey ahead. At Infinix, technology plays a pivotal role in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all.

Infinix’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At the heart of Infinix’s mission is a commitment to creating technology that empowers every individual, irrespective of gender. Our diverse range of smartphones and accessories is designed with everyone in mind, ensuring that people across the globe not only have access to technology that meets their needs,  but also enriches their lives, and amplifies their voices.


Spotlight on Women at Infinix

At Infinix Nigeria, we’re incredibly proud of the diverse team of women who bring their passion, expertise, and vision to our work every day. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion shines through the collective efforts of our talented female professionals, who hold key positions across various departments – from Integrated Marketing Communications and PR to Social Media & Content Development, Marketing, Sales Force Training, Human Resources Management and Customer Service.

From left to right: Christianna Alao, Olajuwon Titilope, Oluwayemisi Ode, Daniella Nwosu, Mosun Babalola and Fadekemi Ezenabor


The collaborative spirit and innovative mindset of the women in our workforce have been instrumental in driving our brand forward, ensuring that our products not only serve but also empower our diverse user base. Their work behind the scenes is a testament to the power of inclusion and its impact on fostering innovation and excellence within the tech industry.

Looking Ahead: Our Pledge for the Future

While we celebrate our progress, we recognize the journey towards full inclusion is ongoing, and we are dedicated to deepening our efforts to champion gender equality and inclusion.


In the recognition of the immense potential of women in the business and tech landscapes, we are committed to empowering 20 women by sponsoring them for the WIMBIZ Mentorship programme. This carefully curated mentorship journey is not only designed to catalyze their careers and business ventures but also serves as a critical step towards nurturing a generation of women who are equipped with the power of technology and the support of a community that believes in their boundless potential.

Infinix will continue to explore avenues to further support and empower women in technology and beyond. Our vision for the future is clear: to create a world where technology is a tool for empowerment for everyone, regardless of gender. 



Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.