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FCTA Officials Demolish Shanties In Abuja BDC Headquarters




FCTA Officials Demolish Shanties In Abuja BDC Headquarters

The City Management Team of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has carried out the demolition of makeshift shelters located at the Bureau De Change (BDC) headquarters in Zone 4 of Abuja, Naija News reports.

Addressing newsmen during a conference held after the successful demolition of the shanties, which consisted of makeshift shops and trees, the leader of the team and Director of the Department of Development Control, Mukhtar Galadima, emphasized that these shanties were serving as hideouts for suspected criminals in the city centre.

According to him, the area was plagued with various illegal activities, posing a significant threat to security. Therefore, it was imperative that these shanties were not allowed to remain.

Describing the area as an eyesore, Galadima highlighted that the clearance exercise carried out based on a directive, aimed to restore the aesthetic appeal of the place.

Galadima also emphasized that designated and licensed areas should be utilized by BDC operators rather than conducting their operations under trees and bushes, as observed in Zone 4.

The team’s primary focus, as he stated, is to guarantee the safety and security of the residents in Abuja. He emphasized that the operation is unrelated to any conflict with BDC operators.

When questioned about the prolonged lack of development in the area, Galadima explained that the place had been entangled in a legal dispute until a court ruling was reached.

He said: “Our clean-up exercise here is based on a directive for us to keep sanity.

“The place is in a sorry situation in terms of esthetic, it serves as hideouts for criminals and miscreants, that is why we have to come and clear everything.

“BDC operators are expected to operate from designated and licenced areas, they are not supposed to operate under trees and in bushes, so that is why we have to clear the place. “The place is still under litigation but you see, security is paramount so also safety and cleanliness, we have to look at these parameters very well not forgetting that the site is under litigation but we have to provide safety and security for Abuja residents.”

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