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Pastor Sam Adeyemi Reveals What He Will Do Differently As President




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The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has disclosed what he would do differently if he were a president or a governor in Nigeria.

The clergyman submitted that he would make it a habit to address his constituents weekly if he was president or a governor of any state in Nigeria.

Giving reasons for his decision, Adeyemi said communication is critical in developing responsible leadership at all levels.

During an interview on Monday’s edition of Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Adeyemi said, “If I was the governor or president of Nigeria, I would address the nation every Sunday evening or Monday. It may be five minutes, but I will sell the idea of development.”

Speaking further during the show, Naija News gathered that he pointed out a need for responsible leadership at all levels and challenged citizens to take responsibility for creating Nigeria’s future.

“For too long, we’ve allowed those in power to dictate our path forward, if they are unwilling to instigate change, we must initiate it ourselves, starting at the individual level,” Adeyemi stated, noting the essence of collaborative effort to boost the nation’s progress.

He also explained that the younger generation has unprecedented opportunities to disseminate their message with the advent of social media and the availability of sophisticated communication tools.

“Your phone today is your radio station and your TV station,” he said.

While he called even on the military to join in championing the great Nigeria, he also urged those in positions of authority to do more than hold their jobs but to use their influence to push for change.