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Fuel Subsidy Removal: Nigerians Seen Using Cooking Gas To Power Their Generator (Video)




A video capturing a generator using cooking gas in place of fuel has surfaced on social media following the removal of fuel subsidy by president Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Recall, Tinubu during his inaugural speech summary on Monday, 29th May, out of his promises to Nigerians, made the  “fuel subsidy is gone” announcement, which quickly led to the rise of fuel price to over five hundred naira across the country.

Some Nigerians, however, have sourced for alternatives to ease the increasing hardship in the country by twerking their generator engine and depending on the use of cooking gas to light up their businesses.

In the trending video on social media, a yet-be-identified business owner shared a video showing the moment a generator using cooking gas was used to power his business.

Watch the video below;


Okada Riders In Cameroon Protest Fuel Subsidy Removal In Nigeria

Meanwhile, a viral video on the internet has shown some commercial motorcyclists popularly called Okada riders in Garoua, Cameroon protesting the effect of the fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria on their businesses and the price of petrol in their country.

The okada riders who spoke in a mixture of Fulfulde and French languages were heard criticizing President Bola Tinubu for removing fuel subsidy as they expressed their displeasure with the development.

Earlier reports had suggested that the fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria has led to an increase in the price of petrol in neighboring countries that also get their fuel from the country.

The viral video has further buttressed the viewpoint in Nigeria that a significant portion of the supposed petrol subsidy funds are utilized to bolster the economies of neighbouring countries.


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