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Watch Moment Brave Girls Stopped Abusive Father From Hitting Their Mother



A video has emerged showing the moment the daughters of an abusive man stopped him from hitting their mother during an altercation.

A man identified as Ezinnwanne shared the video via the social media platform, Facebook calling on the necessary authorities to come to the girl’s aid.

Ezinnwanne noted that the man, allegedly a deacon at a popular Pentecostal church in Abuja, has been married for nearly 25 years and subjected both his wife and daughters to constant beating.

In the video, the girls had confronted and challenged him for beating their mother and threatening to send her to an early grave.

He shared the video with a caption where he revealed the names of the father and the mother, adding that they’ve been married for almost 26 years.

He added that; ”Their union is blessed with two sons and three daughters.

”When he threatened to put their mother to an early death, the children had to defend her.

”Someone familiar with him should contact him and urge him to stop assaulting his wife, as he may seriously harm his wife someday or send her to an early grave.”

Watch video below;