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Utomi Reveals Factors Responsible For Insecurity In Nigeria



Pat Utomi Gives Condition To Contest 2023 Presidency

A former presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress, Pat Utomi, has disclosed the factors responsible for the security challenges facing the country.

Speaking on Tuesday during an appearance on a programme on Arise News, Utomi said some of the insecurity issues in the country are linked to official profligacy, poor youth empowerment and lack of creativity in governance.

He stated that the government has failed to appreciate the economic and social crisis the country is currently facing and was busy spending huge resources for their personal comfort.

Speaking on the solution to the political and social problems in the country, Utomi advised Nigerian leaders to stop spending lavishly on unnecessary things.

He also urged the federal government to introduce an initiative that would bring elected officials to account for their time in office.

Utomi argued that a critical factor in addressing the governance problems of Nigeria is the issue of the right electoral system.

He said: “So, we are expecting that the year 2022 will be a year of massive recalls of political actors in our country. We will build capacity to show that this is the credible work of the people. Many politicians, who defy the will of the people coming out due to this technology-enabled real numbers about what the people feel.

“Another thing that needs to be done is to put together credible teams of Nigerians on almost every aspect of governmental life, so these teams, whether you call them shadow government will on a continuing basis point to what government is doing, the results show the alternative that can work, not just rhetoric’s but practical ones.”

He added: “The problem is in the Nigerian people, who apparently have given up hope on our democracy, thus leaving the politicians to do what they like. Because of this, they are killing their country.

“The only solution to this problem is for the people I call the complicit middle to realise that with these fellows, our country is close to its end and to wake up and say, let all these people that had refused to vote in the past – professors, managers – and all those that usually hide in their comfort zones, and if the road find somewhere and buy SUV to realise that Nigeria can turn dramatically.

“This has happened in the course of human history and I am confident that it would happen in Nigeria. My desperate plea to fellow compatriots in Nigeria is that we must completely turn the system over for sake of our children and grandchildren because if we don’t, I doubt that there will be Nigeria in 2027.

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