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Why I ‘Assaulted’ Ikoyi Club Member – Modupe Alakija



Why I Assaulted Ikoyi Club Member - Modupe Alakija

Modupe Alakija, husband of billionaire businesswoman, Folorunsho Alakija, has revealed why he assaulted a fellow member of Ikoyi Club 1938.

Naija News reports that Alakija was barred by the club for one year for attacking a prominent member of the club, identified as Ashish Gajja.

In a circular dated December 1, 2021, the club said Alakija was suspended from attending its activities or enjoying all access as a member till November 10, 2022.

Reacting, Alakija said he assaulted Gajjja for rudely reprimanding him and videotaping him for taking off his mask for a moment.

Alakija stated that Gajja violated his privacy, adding that he will not allow such to happen again.

He narrated: “Evidence had been given to the committee that I came into the premises of the Club with my police escort. The police escort was in my car, came out to open the door of my car in front of the clubhouse, and drove away,” he said.

“On entering the clubhouse, I observed all the protocols including the wearing of a mask. There was a friendly discussion between the protocol staff and me on whether an officer duly empowered and armed under an extant law of the national assembly could be stopped from entering any premises in Nigeria.

“Except certain parts of airports and aeroplanes. My mask was taken off while having the debate with the protocol staff. All these took place at the entry point and not in any other part of the Club House.

“In reply to his crude and unethical manner, I told him to f**k off and mind his business. In gross violation of my right to privacy, he brought out his camera and started to videotape me without my consent.

“On his refusal to delete the photos as I demanded, I decided to hold on to his shirt in order to stop him from absconding and taking my pictures away with him.

“The Inspector-General in his discretion decided to give me a police escort as I am at risk of being kidnapped. My photograph might end up in the hands of kidnappers or assassins that prowl the streets of Nigeria.

“The complainant in his letter admitted that he knew that the Club had its own CCTV. But being a busy-body [he] decided to carry out his illegal act.”

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