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Man Faces Health Risks After Taking 10 Jabs Of COVID-19 Vaccine In A Day




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A man has left doctors perplexed after he reportedly received ten jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine in one day.

Naija News learnt that the individual usually approach doctors in New Zealand as a different person for each of the jabs.

The report also alleged that the individual was being paid by anti-vaxxers to get their jabs. It added that he is been given the jab before the vaccination records discovered he was the same person.

Reacting to the act, University of Auckland vaccinologist and associate professor, Helen Petousis-Harris described the man’s actions as a ‘really dumb thing to do’.

‘I think the chances of them feeling extra awful are higher than someone who had a regular dose,‘ the Doctor said.

Mail Online noted in its report that authorities believe anti-vaxxers paid the man so they could enjoy the same freedoms as the vaccinated without having to get the jab.

Naija News understands that investigation is ongoing as there is limited data on the effects of multiple Covid vaccines on the body.

Ms Petousis-Harris explained that authorities are still investigating how the man was able to access ten vaccines in a day despite the processes involved.

Meanwhile, there is anxiety that people who wish to get vaccinated but do not have a photo ID could be deterred from getting the jab and receiving protection against the virus.

New Zealand health ministry spokesperson lamented the development, insisting that people involved in the multi-vaccination belong to vulnerable groups in the community like the homeless, disabled or the elderly.

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‘We don’t want to create barriers to their vaccination,’ the health ministry said.