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Man Cries Out As Father Plans To Kill Him For Being Gay



A young man has revealed that his father is planning on killing him for being gay.

The man identified as Adeyemi Oluwatoyin revealed that the community where he resides in Osun state has also joined his family on planning to take his life over his sexual preference, Vanguard reports.

The 38year old also stated that his, friends, associates and immediate family had all deserted him because he is gay.

He said: “One of my business colleagues from Lebanon lured me into it. Whenever we are at Quarry site, he would invite me to his house and ask me not to go home that I should not bother going home that he would love me to stay with him.

“So one day as we were returning from one of the clubs on the island he pleaded with me to pass the night with him. That was how I knew he was gay and he eventually had an affair with me.

“For more than five years, I have been enjoying myself with him before he eventually relocated to Lebanon due to the COVID-19 pandemic that had affected the Quarry business. But somehow, recently my parents got to know about this.

“One day, we were in my private room having an affair with one of my friends when my father came in and saw us in the mood. He screamed and made out for a knife or something dangerous. And sensing the danger lurking around me, I quickly dashed out of the room and ran for my life. That was how I left home till date.

“I have pleaded with my parents to let me live my life as an adult, yet they didn’t agree with me and they were hell-bent on killing me saying I was a disgrace not only to the family but to the entire community.”