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Naija No Hard Like This, Man Cries Out As He Decides To Relocate From Canada To Nigeria



A Nigerian comedian, MC Morris has revealed that he will be returning back to Nigeria due to the high cost of living in Canada.

The comedian revealed this via a post shared on his Instastories. He explained that he pays huge amount of money for the basic amenities in Canada and stated that it was his last month in the country.

Below are some reactions to Morris decision to come back to Nigeria.

Kosi: “My bro be sure that this is not a fry pan to fire arrangement oh”

Anonymous: “I hate when people generalize. When you make dollars you spend dollars. The problem is that you guys keep converting. We do not make naira for petes sake”

Anonymous: “Anything to trend. He forgot to add that there is zero school fees, zero health care cost, Security, no kidnapping, no one chance bus or having you phone stolen at gun point or snatched by someone on Okada, he gets monthly allowance for each kid from the govt, zero use of amenities like the library, parks, etc. Anyone that hasn’t done his or her own research to know why to relocate or stay back in 9ja never ready.”

Word: “Basic facts about living abroad: all amenities and utilities are provided at a cost. 24 hrs light, clean water, good, clean, reliable public transport system, working hospitals, affordable nutrious foods and law abiding society. Corruption in the civil and private services is at the lowest ebb. Everyone is law abiding. And paying tax is the first requirement to avoiding jail time. Good jobs like healthcare, engineering, IT and social work would afford you a good life of comfortable housing, feeding, clothing, saving and sending money back home. Your Nigerian degrees are worth nothing until you retrain yourself. No time for owambe, endless church activities, online 2k beggy beggy, using pussy to scam men and living rent free. If you’re lazy, don’t even think about relocating abroad. You’re basically on your own. Remember, your destiny is not determined by the location but by the blessings in you. If you like, stay in Texas for 30 years, if it’s not your place to make it, you’d return back to your village with nothing. In same vein, if your destiny portends that Naija is where you’d make it in life, there’s nothing you can do about it. There are many people who ran abroad and returned with nothing and only made it after settling down right in Naija. Truth: there are more Nigerians and other immigrants from other Third World nations doing extremely shitty jobs abroad; the type you’d scoff at in your own country. If undocumented, your suffering would be first grade. Fear of deportation wouldn’t give you peace of mind and you’re likely to develop hypertension. No awuf. No squatting with friends and families. Homelessness is a rite for anyone without source of income. And the cold weather is your number 1 enemy if jobless and homeless. Many people living right now in America and Europe would give anything to return back home if only they’d be able to sustain themselves. Whatever rocks your boat, remember that, social life abroad is zero and that’s why they call home everyday and speak for hours on end. If you love to work long hours, eat, sleep and repeat same process the next day, then abroad is for you. Ps: it’s very common to see your mates being more successful in Nigeria than you after a decade in Obodo Oyibo. It’s coz, inspite of all the self challenges and corrupt, irresponsible leaders in Nigeria, most of them still seem to thrive better than you are. You only discover this when you compare and contrast after visiting or permanently returning. You’d discover that they live in their own houses, have two or three cars and seem to weather the financial storms than what you’ve read on social media. They even seem to live much more fulfilling and abundantly than you are. Those who’re desperate to live abroad only see 10 success stories and avoid the thousands of absolute failures. Personally, I’d love every adult Nigerian to live abroad for at least 5 years and then return. It’s only then that you’d appreciate that, this land called Nigeria is actually the biblical Garden of Eden. Don’t take my words for it, take a leap of faith and try Obodo Oyibo. Good luck.”


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