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Outrage As Reverend Father Kisses The Mouth Of His Female Students |Video



Reverend Father Kisses The Mouth Of His Female Students

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the video of a St Monica’s College of Education Reverend Father locking lips with some female students.

In the video that has gone viral, three students were seen lined up and taking turns to exchange kisses with the man of God behind a pulpit in the presence of a seemingly large congregation.

The act, which has been termed as a “holy kiss” among persons familiar with it, seeks to officially welcome new converts of the school to the body of Christ Jesus.

Wearing a green and white liturgical robe, the Reverend Father draws each of the students towards himself and plants his lips on theirs.

The students were seen cheering as the supposed consecrated activity goes on.

Watch the video below;


However, the video did not sit well with Nigerians as it was met with mixed reactions on social media. See some of the reactions below;

@jnrpope wrote; ‘What happend to the forehead……. I am a strong catholic and this is not our doctrine.’

@s.y.m.b.e.e.s wrote; ‘This is abuse especially for the last girl because it was obvious she never wanted it, what kind of rubbish is this?’

@the_adedunni wrote; ‘Omo this is so disturbing in every way’

@justverb_ wrote;’Not every pastor is a Christian.’

@gillian_differs wrote; ‘Aseju ni french kiss. Holy kiss ti wa okay’

@teey_g wrote; ‘The last girl is mortified.. why would you force “holy kiss” on a young lady, or any body..’

@yungbobbie_ wrote; ‘Only in GHENE. I tire for that place 

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