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Crippled Nigerian Man Cause A Stir After He Was Spotted Doing This In Abuja |Photos



A Nigerian man identified as Chimelum Ajanma has taken to his Facebook page to share pictures of a man living with disabilities hustling on the street of Abuja despite his physical limitations.

According to Chimelum, the disabled man refused to let his disability hamper nor define him. 

Sharing photos via his facebook, Chimelum wrote; ”Came across this disabled man who has refused to let his disability to define him..

DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY! Unfortunately, some able-bodied people, out of laziness and selfishness, have resorted to begging or scamming people for a living..They should be ashamed of themselves after seeing this picture. God bless everyone out there hustling Legitimately to put food on their table.”

See photos below;


See reactions below;

@Alhaji Natty wrote; ”No excuse whatsoever for failure as long as both hands are still able to take a ball of eba to the mouth.
With Ndidi, one day everyone of us will get Iheanacho”

@Jibabs wrote; ‘After still they will call him lazy Nigerian youth…’This should be an eye opener for all, roll up your sleeves and hustle”

@Phemmie wrote; ‘Though physically cripple but mindedly he is not cripple.’