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Head Of Wuhan Hospital Dies Of Coronavirus



The Head of Wuhan hospital and the director of Wuchang Hospital, Dr Liu Zhiming has died on Tuesday at about 10:30 am of Coronavirus.  He died at the age of 51 years old.

Dr Zhiming died in the fight against novel coronavirus, while a doctor who worked at Wuchang Hospital told the paper that he was saddened by Dr Liu’s death.

It’s the latest in a string of medics who have fallen victim to the disease, which has so far infected a reported 71,450 people.

A Hubei health official had first denied the death of Dr Liu Zhiming, by saying he was still being rescued after media reported he had died of the novel coronavirus.

The move caused an outpouring of fury from the public, who accused the hospital of covering up the truth.

The overall death toll is currently sitting at 1,776, with all but five of them in China.

Source: Naija News