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Anyone Who Moans During Sex Needs Deliverance – Married Man




A newly married man has taken to social media to declare that it is wrong and ungodly for Christian couples to mourn during sex.

The man further submitted that when his wife moaned during sexual intercourse, he had to take her to a pastor for deliverance.

The man who is believed to be newly married, shared the shocking opinion via Facebook where he added that men who moan must have learnt it by visiting sex workers and moaning by a woman shows sexual deprivation on her part.

The man identified as Uzor Obinna Marvelous, however, noted that instead of moaning, his wife now hums hymns when she has such an urge.

Speaking further, he said any woman who calls the name of God or Jesus during sex or speaks in tongues should be sent to jail.

His statement reads in part: “Godly women don’t moan during sexual intercourse. Most men don’t like it, especially when it is so loud. And some detest even the mildest of it. It shows how depraved the woman is. It is a very clear symptom of carnality and a sign of lack of self-control.”

“The first time my wife did that I was shocked. I had to take her for deliverance from the spirit of lust and moaning. Since then she reduced the tempo of the moaning but hummed hymns silently. Amazing Grace is her favourite.”

“Men don’t moan. Even when they woman is at the top you cannot hear it. Any man who moans loudly must have been visiting prostitutes who taught him. It is sinful for men to moan during sexual activities. It’s a sign of weakness and carnality.”

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