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The Most Important Tech from Each Year of the Past Decade



Exploring the burgeoning decade of technology

It is easy to see that we have witnessed the greatest technological advancements between the year 2010 and 2019, with some amazing innovations already in place. It is a completely new world for the tech-savvy out there, as handling some tasks has been made practically easier and more convenient. It is fun too, especially for the gamers who cannot get enough of the Betway live online casino. Counting down from 2010, we share some of the most important technologies making waves in the world today.

2010 – Instagram

The 2000s surely belonged to Facebook on the social media front, but 2010 gave us Instagram. While Facebook was a hub for marketing, media, and politics, IG was predominantly a hub for millennials to share their personal lives in style. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has since grown an audience of over one billion users.

2011 – Spotify

The launch of Spotify opened new doors for music lovers to enjoy their favourite tracks instantaneously from virtually any device. It was a new dawn in the fight against piracy as people wanted to get their music through locked-down systems.

2012 – Uber

Thanks to Uber, a convenient way to move around was born in the U.S. The ride-sharing experience was a big step from the traditional inconvenience of cabs.

2013 – Google Chromecast

Today, the Chromecast might not be useful to most people as they can access YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix from any device. That was not possible back in 2013.

2014 – Apple Watch

It may have launched with multiple challenges, but it remains a very unique innovation from Apple that has definitely revolutionized smart technology.

2015 – Amazon Echo

To imagine we would have smart speakers at one time was like a dream, but the Amazon Echo brought about a new perspective in machine learning. Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular even as we go into a new decade.

2016 – AirPods

The wireless technology of the earbud game was amazing, but the launch of AirPods aced it. That prompted big market players like Samsung and Amazon to get into the mix.

2017 – Nintendo Switch

The art of gaming grew to new levels when the Nintendo console was launched. Gamers viewed gaming from a new perspective, and the experience became one of a marvel. Betway is a leading gaming hub besides being a betting site for fans out there.

2018 – Electric Scooters

There was resistance for the shareable electric scooters as they were seen as dangerous, but in 2020, they are still very much stylish for the urban user. Even as safety concerns abound, there have been efforts to make the scooter safer and more convenient for riding in selected areas.

2019 – Tik Tok

You can bet there are more people who don’t know what Tik Tok is yet than those who know it. It is tailored for the Gen Z so it is not a matter that should worry you too much. To break it down a bit, it is Vine’s heir apparent. It is a hub for skits, comedy, and short-form videos for lip-syncing.