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Facebook Now Has A New Logo



The Californian firm unveils a logo for its parent company, to better differentiate it from its application of the same name.

Facebook now has a new logo. On its website, the company unveils a new visual identity particularly sober. The American company, which owns the social network of the same name, but also Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, intends to better highlight the proximity between these different services. This logo is that of the parent company, it is not intended to replace the famous “f” on the blue background of the social network.

“People should know the companies behind the products they use. Our main services include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Portal and Oculus products. Today, we are changing the image of our company to better show that these products are designed by Facebook. We introduce a new company logo to better distinguish the Facebook company from the Facebook application, which will keep its own identity “says the firm.

According to the visual communicated by the company, this new logo will vary according to its use. It will take two shades of blue when used alongside Facebook or Messenger applications, and will display Instagram’s hot colour gradient when it is attached to Mark Zuckerberg’s photo application logo. A green version is destined to evolve alongside the WhatsApp logo.

This new logo will be integrated into all platforms in the coming weeks, under the name “From Facebook”.