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Nigeria At 59: Pastor Giwa Blames Religious Leaders, Politicians For Nigeria’s Problem




Pastor Adewale Giwa of the Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Gospel Church, on Monday, blamed religious and political leaders for the problems faced by the country as the country turns 59 on October 1st.

The cleric who is known for stating his opinion about the country accused the past and present political leaders of intentionally putting Nigeria into uncertainty from 1960 till now.

Pastor Giwa stated that religious leader can’t be depended on because of their silence on issues affecting Nigeria.

The pastor in a statement said, “It is funny that Nigeria is 59, but we still do not know where political leaders are taking us to. The people, who are also claiming to be followers of Christ have disappointed common citizens by not speaking up to save them.”

“Since 1960 till date, you want to tell me politicians don’t know what to do on electricity, unemployment, economic issues among others? They surely know what to do to solve series of problems confronting the masses.”

“It is a waste of time for anyone telling politicians what to do to make Nigeria a better nation to live. The rich want to be richer and allow the poor to be poorer; this dichotomy will never fully be broken if politicians do not deem it necessary to fix Nigeria.”

“Imagine there is no improvement on electricity, even since 1999 and the citizens are still paying for what they do not use. Our leaders must tell us where they are taking us to since 1960.”

“What is playing itself out in Nigeria can easily be linked to a bus driver who embarks on a journey with passengers in the vehicle going different destinations. As the driver continues on his journey, he suddenly experiences a brake failure and is unable to control himself. Nonetheless, he manages to stop the vehicle by the roadside. Of course, you will know that the passengers will begin to find their way to their destinations.”

“As it is, the political leaders have left citizens to choose what they want. They have turned deaf ears to the problems confronting them. It is now glaring that the nation’s democracy has now turned to oligarchy where the few control the affairs of a nation; Nigerians are now witnessing media clampdown and arrest of journalists.”

“Politicians don’t know God, and they are not ready to pity the masses. One thing I know is that things cannot continue this way and the Lord will surely have mercy on those who trust and walk according to His commandments.”

“For he says to Moses in Romans 9:15 that He would have mercy on whom He would have mercy, and He would have compassion on whom He would have compassion.”

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