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Nigerian Pastor Reveals ‘Origin’ Of Fulani Killer Herdsmen




The ‘origin’ Fulani killer herdsmen causing unrest in Nigeria has been revealed by the Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa.

The renowned clergy in a statement forwarded to reporters on Friday (today), alleged that Fulani herdsmen are descendants of biblical Ishmael, the first son of Abraham.

According to Giwa, the herdsmen’s mission is to kill, rape and permanently destroy the nation if nothing is done to stop them. The clergy said though the Lord had rejected Ishmael and placed a mark on him, there is the need for Christians to study their Holy Bible in order to have a better understanding of the ongoing situation in Nigeria.

Naija News understands that Ishmael was the first son of biblical father Abraham, delivered through Hagar, the maidservant of Sarah.

“The majority of Christians don’t study their bible and that is why they are being deceived by fake prophets or pastors today,” Pastor Giwa said.

Speaking further on activities of criminal Fulani herdsmen in the country, Giwa said: “Even when Ishmael was in his mother’s womb, the Lord had placed a mark on him. This mark looks like a curse and it follows his descendants anywhere they go. Many of you don’t know that Fulani herdsmen are descendants of Ishmael, and that is why their hands are against everyone.

“In Genesis 16:12, the angel of the Lord appeared to his mother, Hagar and told her that Ishmael would live in hostility toward all his brothers.

“Truly when Ishmael grew up, he was a bad influence on Isaac, the covenant child. So, Sarah, the mother of Isaac had to pressurize Abraham to send him and his mother away.

“General 21:20 tells us that Ishmael while living in the desert learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. Also, Genesis 25:13-15 lists Ishmael’s sons as Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hadad, Tema, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedemah.

“Isiah 60:7 mentions the descendants of Nebaioth and Kedar as those who raise flocks. Fulani herdsmen have dominated and conquered West African countries.

“They enjoy laying hands on their fellow human beings; the only solution that can curb their activities is to separate them from normal human beings just like how Sarah sent Ishmael and his mother away.

He alleged that the Fulani herdsmen are bad influences, adding that they don’t like living in good harmony with people.

According to him, their attitudes are not the same as normal human beings.

He added, “When they rent a house from you, they would send you out and become landlords overnight. They want to take over everywhere.

“They came to kill, rape our women and destroy Nigeria. The worst part of it is that the security operatives are colluding with them to perpetrate evil.”

Meanwhile, Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, on Thursday alleged that military authorities are not interested in end terrorism in the country because they making billions of naira from it.

Gumi who has been having meetings with bandits in an attempt to negotiate with them, stated this while speaking on Arise TV on Thursday, Naija News reports.

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