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Killing Of 49 In New Zealand: Avoid Mosques Until Further Notice – Police


New Zealand shooting

New Zealand Killing: Police Warns Against Sharing Distressing Footage

Following the mass shooting in two mosques in New Zealand city of Christchurch that claimed the lives of Forty-nine (49) people, the Police have begun thorough investigation.

Naija News had reported that Four suspects ; three men and a woman  were arrested while multiple explosive devices attached to cars were disarmed in the city.

However it was learnt that One person was later released.

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison said one of the suspects in the “rightwing extremist attack” was an Australian-born citizen.

New Zealand’s threat level has now been raised from low to high.

In warning, Police commissioner Mike Bush urged everyone to avoid all mosques across the country.

He told residents in Christchurch: “Close your doors until you hear from us again.”

The attacker is believed to have livestreamed at least one of the attacks.

Police have urged people not to share the “distressing” footage.

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