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Sen. Shehu Sani Formally Declares Herdsmen As Terrorists



Shehu Sani

Herdsmen Are Terrorists – Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani has formally declared  herdsmen who are responsible for the killings and slaughtering in Benue and Taraba  as nothing but terrorists except if we want to call a spade a spoon.

The Senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly said this in a tweet today.

It would be recalled, that President Buhari had exonerated Fulani herdsmen from the incessant killings going on in the country during his visit to the White House in the United States.

The problem of herders in Nigeria is a very long historical thing. The Nigerian herders don’t carry anything more than a stick and occasionally a matchet to cut down foliage and give it to their animals” Buhari told President Donald Trump of the United States.

Buhari had said, “So, people should not underrate what happened in Libya. 43 years of Ghaddaffi, people were recruited from Sahel and trained to shoot and kill. With the demise of Ghaddaffi, they moved to other countries and region and carried the experience with them.”

But Senator Sani urged the president to stop trying to give another name to the marauding herdsmen other than calling them terrorists as he pledges to help Buhari push for the release of more funds to security agencies with a view of finding a lasting solution to the herdsmen killings.

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