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Charles Ogbu: Osinbajo, Please Shut Your Mouth!



“Asking for Biafra is against Nigeria’s Constitution and you will be Jailed” – Yemi Osinbajo.

Who told Osinbajo that quest for self determination is a crime?

Hearing this from a law professor is borderline imbecilic.

The right of indigenous people to determine their future is a right recognised by all laws known to man.

When my ancestry was forcefully joined in a murderous union with people with whom I share absolutely nothing in common, was any of Nigeria’s component units consulted?

And why was the deaf and dumb Osinbajo suddenly running his mouth? Oh, is it because Biafra is the topic?

This is the same Osinbajo who couldn’t muster enough courage to do such a basic thing like signing the 2017 budget even when he has all the constitutional powers to do so. He had to wait for some bunch of quota system fulani men led by that senior clown, Garba Shehu to forge a letter with the signature of ghost president, Muhammadu Buhari, authorising him to sign the budget. This is the same ghost Buhari who had already relinquished all his powers to him (Osinbajo) the very moment he transmitted that letter to the parliament.

Osinbajo can’t even swear in minister despite having the constitutional power to do so.

Osinbajo is the acting President yet, he doesn’t have the courage to act. Because he is afraid of the Fulanis.

Today, Osinbajo has suddenly grown some balls because Biafra is involved.

He is quoting sections from even Sir Richard constitution and regaling us with tales of how Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable. And he accompanied his sermon with threat of arrest.

How can anyone fear the threat of a man who is apparently not even the custodian of his own thought? A man who cannot even garner enough courage to exert his authority as the acting President? A man who is being held hostage by a collection of poorly lettered faceless fulani men masquerading as the Cabal?

If Nnamdi Kanu was not afraid of ghost president Buhari, is it a liver-less Osinbajo im go come fear? The same Osinbajo whose security details were not even appointed by him but chosen for him by his fulani masters?

For crying out loud, we fully understand Osinbajo is not in charge of anything. We know he’s nothing but a mere COORDINATOR who is really not coordinating anything. We all understand that just like Jonathan, he (Osinbajo) must be seen to be the unambitious good servant who must do everything to please the ‘Slave Masters Of Yunkai’ up North but he should learn how to shut up the way Jonathan did during his time rather than speaking absent-thought and issuing empty threats that he has no way of enforcing.

If Osinbajo feels he has to say something as the acting President, he should start by cancelling the new school curriculum which just removed C.R.S as a subject but made it compulsory for student to take either French or Islamic Religious Studies/Arabic. Since there are too few French teachers in Nigeria, most students will be forced to choose Islamic Studies/Arabic. This is a systematic plan to fully implement their devilish islamization agenda. This a recipe for anarchy. And this is happening under Osinbajo’s nose. Yet, he’s busy turning a blind eye and dancing Surugede with Biafra.

If Osinbajo want to flex muscle, he should grow some balls for once and confront the Cabal and exert his full authority as the acting President. When he’s done, he should facilitate a Referendum for the Biafrans. A REFERENDUM! This is not such a difficult thing to do. After all, Nnamdi Kanu is not bombing, killing or maiming people like some people up North. Kanu is merely asking for a referendum. Where is the crime in that?

Dear Mr acting President, stop trying to use Biafra to shine. You won’t succeed. We will resist you, I assure you.

Lest I forget, even if you re-arrest Kanu in your desperate attempt to please your Masters, to them, you are still nothing but a butterfly. We know this.You know this. Even your Fulani masters know this. How about you stop making yourself seem like the bird which you are not?

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