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19 Most Common And Harmful Mistakes Nigerian Parents Commit Daily




Good Parents

Raising a child is not an easy routine and most parents try to as much as possible to inculcate strong values and give their children all the best starting with the best food, toys, education etc. However, there are innocent but grave mistakes that can be harmful to the kids in the long run.

Below are 20 common mistakes parents commits that bear grave consequences, according to family experts.

 1. Providing them with too many choices

In too many cases we hear parents asking their little kid questions like, “what do you want to eat? what do you want?Doesn’t that sound bizarre to the ear when it’s obvious that the child is too young to know what is good or bad or foods that are nutritious and ones that are not?

Most parents believe children should always have endless choices when the reality is kids can be overwhelmed if they’re always given so many options. The fact remains, good parents are supposed to make most of the right choices until these children are old enough to gradually learn how to make the right choices in life.

2. Making them do things inappropriate for their age

Often times in Nigeria parents pay less attention to one kid when the younger sibling is born. Otherwise, how do we explain that at 4 years old or maybe younger, they start fending for themselves and feeling like they have to be responsible for their siblings?

Parents must be sensitive to this part not to overburden their kids with things that only adults can decipher

Some of them end up hawking in the streets and busy markets and missing the creativity and joy of childhood that can help them growing into physically and emotionally stable adults. One of the consequences could be such kids would be left behind because they stopped developing.

3. Indulging their whims to keep them happy

Children must learn to make themselves happy. By allowing them to do as they please just to keep them happy can lead them into believing acquisitions lead to happiness and causing some of them to pursue the insatiable quest for more which can result in addiction and compulsion.

4. Praising them for every effort

Hold on, no one says it’s bad to praise your child when they make you proud. But in mind that overdoing it can turn the kid into a suckler for praise. This means they won’t do anything without a payoff or show off.

5. Keeping them too busy and entertained

Many parents wrongly believe that keeping their children entertained with activities like sports or other kids events will keep them out of trouble but this could easily burn them out or turn them into bullies. Moderation is always the key.

6. Thinking Smart Will Save Them

Smart kids are likeable and every parent’s desire so long as they learn to be humble as well otherwise the child can become arrogant and think everyone else is stupid. As a result, nobody likes them.

7. Believing a strict Religion will give them perfect values or save them

Perhaps you haven’t heard about pastor’s kids going rebellious because they felt their parents are not giving them enough freedom to explore.
The first time they see hypocrisy in their parents or the touted beloved leaders, all hell will break loose.

8. Withholding vital information on important topics like sex

Even 13-year old girls get pregnant that is why parents must feel awkward about opening discussing sex with their children. This will enlighten and save them in the end.

9. Not letting them get bored

Being bored can help kids get creative and keep themselves busy and happy. Parents shouldn’t feel it their job to always find a way to keep them from being bored.

10. Not Limiting Screen Time

Whether is watching television, video games or fiddling smartphones. There ought to be a limit to everything a child is allowed to do.

Source: Naija News

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