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Exchange Rate Of Canadian Dollar To Naira Black Market Today




The ‘Aboki’ black market rate for the Canadian Dollar (CAD) against the Nigerian Naira (NGN) today stands at ₦1,070.641.

This rate, provided by informal currency traders in Nigeria, showcases the ongoing fluctuations in the parallel market, distinct from the official rates of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The parallel, or black market, operates outside the regulated financial system, with prices heavily influenced by the interplay of supply and demand.

This market segment often presents a higher risk and cost for currency transactions, primarily due to its unregulated nature and the potential for scams.

Currently, the Canadian Dollar’s black market exchange rate is significantly higher than the official rate, illustrating the premium paid for currency exchanges in this sector.

For instance, 100 Canadian Dollars are trading for approximately N107,064.10, while CAD1000 exchanges for around ₦1,070,641.00 in the black market.

This discrepancy between the official and black market rates highlights the broader economic pressures and the informal market’s response to currency valuation and demand.

Traders and businesses engaging in these markets must navigate the complexities of fluctuating rates and the inherent risks of unregulated trading environments.

The parallel market’s existence and its divergent rates from the official channels continue to be a point of interest and concern for economic analysts and policymakers, reflecting the ongoing challenges in stabilizing the Naira and curbing reliance on informal currency exchanges.

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