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Chevron Reacts To Allegation Of Oil Theft In Niger Delta




Chevron Nigeria Limited has debunked reports that the company has a hand in the raging oil theft in the crude oil-rich region of the Niger Delta.

Chevron is the operator of the joint venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited and CNL – NNPCL/CNL JV.

Hence, the company has direct and indirect involvement in Nigeria’s oil business.

Recently, an online media report indicted the company and another independent oil company for playing a role in the menace of oil theft in the Niger Delta creeks.

This report went viral after the Federal Government’s outcry that Nigeria had suffered massive economic losses of N2.3 trillion over the last 12 months as a result of the unlawful shipments of stolen crude oil.

According to the NNPC, 11 vessels were flagged for violations of the Automatic Identification System, and the Navy was informed. In July, it intercepted an 800,000-liter ship carrying stolen crude oil while en route to Cameroon.

Also, Nigeria recently lost a substantial portion of its oil export due to oil theft in the Niger Delta. This has affected the country’s OPEC quota negatively.

While reacting to the claims that Chevron has a hand in the raging oil theft saga, the company released a press statement to newsmen in Warri, Delta state, on Saturday, September 9, to defend itself.

In the statement, the General Manager of Policy, Government and Public Affairs of Chevron, Esimaje Brikinn, declared the allegation against the company as “untrue, incorrect, and made without any basis”.

On the contrary, the company stated that it is “committed to the highest ethical standards and business principles. CNL operates as a responsible company and conducts its business in full compliance with the law and a socially and environmentally responsible manner.”

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