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Native Advertising Holds The Key To Revolutionising PPC Digital Marketing In Africa – Munchads


Munchads, a Nigerian advertising technology company, has sensationally claimed that native advertising could help revolutionise the African advertising market. According to Munchads, many African advertisers are yet to take full advantage of all the promises native advertising holds for them.

“Many African businesses typically opt for traditional online marketing strategies like display advertising and social media ads while neglecting one of those most powerful online advertising format/strategy – native ads,” Munchads says.

According to Hubspot, one of the world’s foremost marketing technology companies, Native advertising uses paid ads that fit seamlessly into the media where they appear. They blend in to match the content so they don’t disrupt the viewer’s experience. This way, advertisers can post content that captures viewers’ attention by not being an obvious ad. Munchads believes that the world is taking advantage of this advertising method while Africa continues to lag behind.

Native ads is gradually overtaking traditional display advertising to become the most popular form of Pay Per Click digital advertising. And while the stats look encouraging worldwide, many African businesses seem to be taking a back seat when it comes to native advertising,” Munchads notes.

The company says that it is out to change the perception of native ads and to educate as many African businesses about native ads as possible. It notes that the earlier the African market embraces native ads as one of the most productive advertising methods, the better it is for the continent, as businesses will start seeing healthier returns on investment from marketing and advertisements.

“African businesses will do better when they start seeing a healthy ROI from their advertising spend. We strongly believe they will start seeing a positive shift in ROI when they buy into native ads. Native ads will allow them to place their advertising message side by side with editorial content, thereby giving them better results,” the company stated.

Additionally, Munchads says that its platform has all it takes to serve the African continent when it comes to native advertising. Noting that it has strategic partnerships with local and international publishers, Munchads says that advertisers can reach millions of prospective customers daily while using its platform.

The organisation also says that it is committed to helping local African website owners make an income on its platform by offering to allow munchads’ native adverts on their platforms. According to the Abuja-based company, publishers can sign up quickly by visiting and selecting “add your content site”.

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