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Investigations Reveal 15 Fake Prophecies By Popular Church Prophets


Investigations Reveal 15 Fake Prophecies By Popular Church Prophets

Nigerian investigative journalist Fisayo Soyombo and his colleagues have uncovered fake prophetic declarations by clerics of a Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S) church in Lagos.

After seven months of receiving separate prophetic declarations about their lives, the journalists concluded that the prophecies were fake and deluding.

The Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) in a series of reports released online today said it embarked on an investigative mission in February 2022 and that C&S was its targetted church.

Naija News understands that FIJ revealed in its reports that fifteen prophecies were given by clerics of the Eternal Sacred Order of C&S in Pearse Street, Yaba, Lagos.

The investigative team had disguised itself as some persons seeking divine help and decided to approach the church branch in February 2022.

Describing his arrival at the church, the team leader, Soyombo, said, “It is unclear why the gatekeepers at ‘national headquarters of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim on Pearse Street, Yaba, Lagos, are so unwelcoming when we arrive in the morning of the second day after the famous Valentine’s Day, but one of them parks us grudgingly, anyway. Madu Chiboka, the prophet we had been conversing with, tells us on the phone that a “senior prophet” would attend to us in a matter of minutes. The wait for him inside the church gifts me a few minutes to run my eyes through the auditorium.”

Sharing the view of the said Church, Soyombo said: “It is not the biggest church you’ll ever see. But I count deep brown pews studiously arranged in 13 rows and four columns, meaning that the ground floor can sit at least 312 congregants per time if six occupy a pew. There are three more pews at the rear but they are not arranged to fit into the rows; my hunch is that they’re reserved for in-service protocol officials.”

The FIJ report released in October revealed how the prophets (altogether) gave about 15 alleged fake prophesies.

Fake Prophecy 1: In FIJ’s revelation, the first prophecy claimed that one of the disguised divine help seekers (FIJ team member) is not moving forward in life.

“My dear son,” he says, “Look [at] what you’re doing.”

He makes the motion of someone who takes a few steps forwards and several more backward. “You are not moving forward,” he tells me. “Instead, you are marking time. Even if you’re given N1 million, you’ll squander it,” the Senior Prophet at the church, whose name was not given reportedly said.

Fake Prophecy 2: FIJ shared the second fake prophecy which talked about one of them returning to his exes after several break-ups.

“You thought you were enjoying; now the ants are biting you. Thank God you have not yet entered into your afternoon (figurative for middle-age) — you are still within your morning (figurative for youth) — and you’re about to enter your afternoon, otherwise, the ants would have bitten you beyond recognition,” the prophet was quoted to have said.

Soyombo said the Senior Prophet explained that the forces wanted to use him to disgrace his family. Quoting the words of the prophet, he said: “For example, this girl will come, slight quarrel, you leave her. You date another one and leave her. But when the first come back, you go to her, returning to your vomit.

“It’s a force that was cast to disgrace your family, and you’re allowing it. You say it’s ‘guy’ (slang for youthful exuberance); it’s not guy; you’re deteriorating yourself.”

Fake Prophecy 3: Another senior prophet from the C&S church branch reportedly spoke about the individual being mocked by a group of people.

The prophet declared that the ‘divine help seeker’ is being targeted for mockery but he prayed for him to live beyond expectations.

“I pray…I’m praying for you…that God should give you a long life to clock 60 or else… may your family not cry,” he continues in what is a well-worn strategy of terrifying people with the prospect of death in exchange for power and control over their emotions and, consequently, decisions,” the prophet reportedly said.

He added: “As you are doing all these, they are mocking you behind; I must tell you before God and man. I must tell you the truth; you’re being mocked. May God make you live till 60 — because where you ought to be, my dear son, you’re not there. See, you are far away, very far away!”

The senior prophet according to FIJ then delivered the most important update of the day saying: “You need to be worked for.”

“Worked for?” I ask, feigning ignorance and surprise.

“Yes, spiritual work,” he replies. “You really need spiritual work. We need to cast out these spirits. When they get out of you, some blessings will come to you — because part of your destiny is to help people.”

He tells me the “resources” I currently have are “droppings from a drum”. “You have not peeped inside the drum to see that there’s so much more,” he continues. “You’re allowing useless people to mess you up; it’s not fair.”

Having shared the remaining prophecies about him and his colleagues, Soyombo said the prophecies were fake after all

He said: “This prophecy is wrong on several fronts. I do not have an active dating life in recent memory. In the last six years, I have only had one-and-a-half relationships — with people I have completely lost touch with, meaning the chance of getting back was never on the cards. And in the preceding years, there was no ex I ever got back with! The prophecy in particular was a pure invention.”


Soyombo maintained that the prophecies were false, as he even did some of the things he was warned against and that he experienced no repercussions. Reacting to the prophecy about him travelling and getting involved in an accident, the journalist said, “Another fake prophecy. Actually, I did not listen to Prophet Johnson. I did embark on that trip and returned to base without even a scratch on my car, much less an accident.”

He also said he never saw any trace of being jailed as said by the prophet.

“This prophecy was made in February. It is now October and at no time was there ever a prison scare this year. Not in June, not in July,” FIJ added.

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