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AMVCA: Stylist Cries Out In Anguish, Accuse Dorcas Fapson Of Blocking Him After Refusing To Pay For Her Dress



A stylist has called out popular Nigerian actress and presenter Dorcas Shola Fapson after she reportedly refused to pay him for an outfit he designed for the AMVCA Awards.

The stylist identified as styled_by _maklinscout took to his Instagram handle to claim that Fapson only made a down payment of N200,000 meant for a fabric worth N470,000

He explained that Fapson had told him she was displeased with how the dress turned out hence he was not going to get his balance.

Posting screenshots of their conversations online, the stylist maintained that she complained about the dress because she did not want to pay his money as she wore the dress to the event despite claiming she did not like it.

Read the post below: “Dsf!! Please pay me my money!!! You didn’t pay for fabrics nor for my service and you are out there posting me? What did I do wrong? For helping a celebrity that didn’t have much on her but wanted to go for AMVCA?? Dsf you blocked me after reaching out to you for my balance, you paid 200k for a fabric of 470k which you saw with your eyes before I bought it.

 “You reached out on Thursday for an event happening on Saturday, you paid on Friday ,in a day, Dsf??? I pulled out a dress for you without paying a dime, after event you didn’t pay me, In less than 24 hours, I made that dress, when I even got to the hotel your friends said I should apologize and send text for coming late when you were even the one that paid late,I still apologized as per work relationship.

 “After the event, you told your p.a to bring the cloth to you, that the photographer wants to take pictures again, I was wondering cause we already took pictures, You used your nails to make holes on the dress, cause I got home to see it. No fittings or anything and you’re saying you won’t pay me for an outfit you wore? If you didn’t like it why did you wear it please? You even posed for pictures and videos that same night. Now you went to your page to post a picture with a silly caption after I reached out for my balance cause you don’t want to pay my money 😂Dsf the person that won best dressed didn’t wear a 200k dress excuse me??!! If it was that way like 50 people go chop the award!! Designers and stylists in the house? Please haven’t I failed you by making a dress without payment🤣this lady right here didn’t even pay in full for the fabric, I used my money to balance up just so she can quickly get the dress, till now she hasn’t paid !!

“Dsf you could have explained you don’t have much but wanted to attend AMVCA so bad cause I didn’t hear them call your name to present award yesterday? I didn’t bath or change my outfit just to make you happy and you still did this!! Trying to spoil my brand, I have worked with celebrities and I have never had issues with any. Fear God!! You texted me first cause you liked my work, now to pay you say you no like work again, all the way from Abuja haba!”