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‘Only Fools Believe In Kayanmata’ – Jaruma’s Ex-husband Reveals Dirty Secret (Video)




Ross Isabor, ex-husband of popular aphrodisiac entrepreneur Jaruma has spilled some of their marital secrets on Instagram following their break up.

The duo argument began when the aphrodisiac seller shared a picture via her Instagram handle of her giving a bath In a tub to Ross.

Responding to her post, Ross took to his Instagram account to inform Jaruma that he has long since served her breakfast and she should stop deceiving her gullible followers.

He asked Jaruma to stop using him to sell her fake products while also telling her aphrodisaic customers that her product does not work and only fools believe in Kayanmata.

Jaruma then went on IG to share a video of her chat with her ex. It shows that she saved his name on her phone as “bastard.19”.

She claimed that she was the one who dumped him and not the other way round, adding that Ross was begging her to come back to him.

Watch the video below:

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