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How To Save Your Life After A Snake Bite




There has been a lot of snake scare in Nigeria recently which has left most people being extra careful of their surroundings.

It all began when a young woman in Abuja was bitten by a huge snake while sitting on her toilet seat.

After the incident, some people have reported citing snakes in their restrooms. While others have seen the dreaded animal in other parts of their homes.

This has led to a huge fear amongst Nigerians as it is not so often that we hear of people dying from snake bites in Nigeria compared to other countries like India.

This fear of snakes has made people more cautious about their surroundings especially the restroom. While there might be certain steps to take to avoid your home from being invaded by this reptile, you can also employ certain measures if your techniques fail and a snake attacks you.

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Leave the snake alone: Do not try to attack the snake. This will probably not end well as snakes are quite fast and you would have wasted precious time you could use in saving yourself.

Don’t panic and don’t move: While this is easier said than done, it would be in your best interest to remain calm as sudden movement would make the venom travel faster. If you are sure you are no longer in danger, stop moving and take calm breaths. It is actually rare for people to die from snake bites if they follow first aid steps. You can cry out for help wherever you are without moving or make a call with your mobile phone.

Apply pressure on the site of the bite

Snake bites often occur in the limb, leg, feet, hands, and arms so apply a pressure immobilization bandage while you await help from medical professionals.

Don’t wash the snakebite site: Don’t try to wash the site of the bite with any form of liquid. Also, keep clothing off the bite mark as any form of movement could make the venom travel faster.

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