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If You Speak Against My God, I Will Kill You – Nigerian Pastor Blows Hot



General Overseer of Christ As Of The Old Ministry a.k.a God Of Now Now, Prophet Ritabbi has vowed to kill anyone who speaks against his God.

The clergymen made this know during a weekly service where he stated that Christians are too docile and calm hence the reason a lot of evil has been perpetrated against them.

In the video that has become a growing sensation, the prophet vowed to kill anyone who speaks against the Christian faith and the Christian God. He added that the era we are in is that of war. He noted that you can speak against him, warn that he would make sure to kill anyone who tries that with his God.

Watch video below;

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Some of the reactions below;

@mz_bankscruz wrote; ”He’s saying nothing but the honest truth….we Christians hardly stand for each other but when the uncircumcised person like the clergyman said and I quote “arrest an uncircumcised person and you see the rest stand up to fight for him”

@unbothered_jaypinky wrote; ‘I asked the same thing before. Why are they building a railway bridge to Niger??? What for???’

@dammysax_soloist wrote; ‘Sorry to say, this is fine by me, our Christianity as brain wash us all, Muslims will never teach you to love your enemy’s, I read it there is a great reward for you when you kill for your religion that in Islamic, I read of holy war (jihad) is that call for love. Let not’

@julsnewshq wrote; ‘He said nothing but the truth. Nigeria matter is headaching me since morning. I have never seen it this worse in my life’

@realcodedboss wrote; ‘‘I love him already…team radicals for Christ…

peekos_accessories wrote; This has been my husband’s point of view since. I fact my husband may join this man’s church if he sees this video… May God help us have the courage we need to do the needful..”





Source: Naija News