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Why Is The World Afraid Of The New Covid-19 Strain?



Many European countries have banned travelers from the UK from entering their countries

Many countries have expressed concern about the emergence of a new form of coronavirus in the UK, to the point that they have begun to ban travellers from entering their countries.

More than 40 countries have taken steps to prevent British travellers from returning to their home countries while the European Union is considering a unilateral policy to take on the UK.

Sweden has banned travellers from Denmark from entering its territory after a new strain of the coronavirus was discovered there.

This new strain is highly contagious, but it has not been proven whether it is more harmful to those who are infected.

As the number of countries blocking travel from the UK to their home countries increases, the World Health Organization (WHO) has sought to inform the world of the situation.

Mike Ryan, head of the agency’s emergency department, says each virus changes from species to species, and that doesn’t mean it’s beyond the reach of health professionals.

Sweden has banned travelers from Denmark from entering its territory

Sweden has banned travellers from Denmark from entering its territory

The situation is similar in other parts of the world

Several countries from Nigeria, India to Iran and Canada have barred travellers from the UK from entering their countries.

The United States has not yet taken action, but two other airlines – British Airways and Delta – will not allow passengers to board their flights unless they prove they do not carry the virus.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman have closed all their borders to all travellers from all over the world.

In addition to Denmark, this new type of corona has been discovered in Australia, Italy and the Netherlands.