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Kenya: Three Americans Killed In Attack On Military Base



A soldier and two Pentagon contractors were killed in this attack on a US-Kenyan military base in Lamu by Al-shabbab.

Three Americans were killed Sunday in an attack on a military base in Kenya by fighters from the Somali Islamist Shabab group, the US Military Command for Africa (AFRICOM) said.

A soldier and two Pentagon contractors were killed in the attack on an American-Kenyan military base in Lamu, in southeast Kenya, near the border with Somalia.

Two other Pentagon employees were injured, Africom said in a statement, without giving further details on the identity of the victims. In a stable state, they are being evacuated.

Africom said the three people were all of American nationality.

During the attack, there was “indirect fire and light weapons,” the statement said.

“After a first foray into the perimeter (from the base, editor’s note), the Kenyan army and Africom forces repelled the attack on the Al-Shabaab. There are reports that six civilian aircraft operated by subcontractors were damaged, “he said.

Africom’s commander, General Stephen Townsend, said in the statement that he wanted to display “enhanced determination” despite the losses.

“Along with our African and international partners, we will chase those responsible for this attack and the Al Shabab who seek to attack the Americans and harm American interests,” he continued.

“We remain committed to preventing the Shebab from keeping a safe haven from which they can plan deadly attacks against American territory, as well as against our East African and international partners. ”

An influential elected Democrat in the US Congress, Eliot Engel, chairman of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, also deplored the “tragic deaths”.

“Although this attack demonstrates an obvious attempt to continue targeting the American presence in the region, the United States continues to stand resolutely alongside Kenya,” he wrote.