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Other Nations Are Looking Up To Nigeria Just Like They Did In 2015 – US Ambassador To Nigeria



Stuart Symington, United States Ambassador to Nigeria, has stated that Nigeria should ensure it gets everything right in the 2019 elections.

He alleged that if Nigeria fails to do so, it would be disappointing other nations who were impressed by its feat in the 2015 elections.

This he made known when he paid a visit to the Police Command in Kaduna.

“The State of Kaduna is an important place during this election. I am here to underscore a couple of key ideas,” he stated.

“The first being that these elections are really about Nigerians, decided by Nigerians under its laws which will define the future of Nigeria.

“The election is also for others who have looked up to Nigeria’s example of democracy in the past especially if it would be as good as that of the elections of 2015,” he said.

According to him, it was important for Nigerians to decide on the election’s credibility as they did in 2015, “so that it’s credit will be invested in democracy and freedom throughout West Africa and across the entire World.

“This kind of negative speeches can have negative impacts in the future.

“There are other people who have pointed fingers at those who are saying the elections would come out wrong, saying the elections can be right if every citizen of Nigeria act on the understanding that they are individually responsible for anything they get from the polls.”

The U.S ambassador added that people must take responsibility for their actions, “first before God, second under the laws of the country, in the eyes of countrymen and lastly in the eyes of the world.”

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