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How Dotun Popoola Is Transforming Scrap Metal Into Magnificent Arts



Dotun Poopola a graduate of arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, is currently working on his latest sculpture .

The artist fuses pieces of a failed generator, recycled kitchen utensils and scrap metal for metal works.

The 35-year-old sculptor enjoys working with scrap metal. He says carving animals is his favourite way to use this medium.

Dotun often uses colour to give his pieces a shiny finish. His detailed sculptures – known for capturing movement and expression – often convey different messages.

Take a look at his work on his instagram here.

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I woke up on monday morning, and went straight to a junkyard, you need to know the calibre of people you find in this place, most of them are uneducated, drug addicts, gangsters, some even have dangerous weapons hidden under the pile. To be modest, I dressed in my studio aprons, wearing my hand gloves but my timberland boots were too clean and still showing some class (asírí tu). While I was busy admiring and picking those precious junks, two guys walk straight to me, with thier hands in thier pocket, I could sense danger in thier red eyes, meaning they have had several bottles of alcohol and smoked some weed early that morning, I saw several bullet Marks and cutlass wounds in thier body (iná lojú, eruku lénu), the first guy spoke my language, and the other spoke hausa asking me for #money, I pursed for a while and looked straight into thier eyes, it was 100% crimson!!, then I walked them down five steps and gave them money, and spoke some words into thier lives, the next thing they said is Baba oo! Koni tán nibe, meaning (more blessings). Then I sat down to think, these guys probably sleeps in a shed somewhere arround this junk pile, and couldn't see the treasure i see in those trash, these guys could have had opportunities to go to school to reshape thier lives, but probably no support, or either they are lazy. They could have been best in many other field of life, but now are wasted generations. I wish I can help them to see wealth inside waste, or make them discover rubies inside rubbish, via empowerment, what more can I do?????????? this generation needs help in this Nation. Photo @recre8images #junks #inspiration #sculptors #metalsculptor #helpsomebody

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#African bufallo, Assemblages, L 6fts H-4fts B-4fts weight 200kg, 2018. Photo courtesy @recre8images The African #buffalo or Cape buffalo is a large African bovine. It is not closely related to the slightly larger wild water buffalo of Asia and its ancestry remains unclear.These creatures are aggressive, powerful and fast. They can run at speeds of up to 57 km/h (35 MPH). The horn span of a large African buffalo bull can exceed 1 m (3 ft.). It is said that more big game hunters have been killed by African buffalo than by any other African animal. This is my last sculpture for this year I need to rest please. Since my President says Nigerian youth are Lazy………… I am in a para mood now……. #bufallo #africanbuffalo #africansculptor #bison #scap #americangallery #galleryofafricanart #curators #museumselfieday #museum #migwelders #tigwelders #automobileparts #toyotaparts #americanbison #bufalloroundup

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