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Broadcast Corporation Suspends Miracle And Prosperity Programmes On Television



Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has temporarily suspended all programmes featuring miracle and prosperity preachers, after an outrage by viewers who claimed that these programmes have become more than other important programmes on television.

ZBC acting head of radio services, Mr. Albert Chekayi, has confirmed the latest development, as he stated that they have decided to pause the programmes so as to ensure that the rights of the audience are not been infringed upon.

“What happened is, we have temporarily suspended the programmes to allow us to have a re-look, considering the many complaints we have received from the public who are the owners of the radio station since we are a public broadcaster,” Chekayi said.

“This decision was taken by us… We are answerable to the listeners. Remember, a public broadcaster does not just target profit but the interest of those who pay licenses. Once the process is complete, it will inform us what steps to take,” he added.

Some Zimbabwean radio audiences have complained about the influx of “prophet adverts,” with listeners ranting their frustration.

The general sentiment is that the station is no longer people-oriented but have opted to pursue money from prophets.

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