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Facts You Might Want To Know About Introverts



Introverted (Phoro Credit: Lifehack)

What do you know about introversion? Who do you think introverts are? Do you see them as depressed fellows or potential mental patients? Are they just quiet because they are intimidated by the people around them? Who do you think introverts like to do? This post would attempt to help you give answers to these questions by outlining some of the fact about the personality Trait Know as introversion.

Introversion is a type Personality Trait in which introverted fellows tend to be inward turning and reserve. They are people you notice to be too quiet for your liking. Introvert are usually focus on what goes on in their mind. They are known to generate internal energy and motivation. They are the opposite of extroverts. Unlike extroverts who are motivated by what happens around them and are energized by social events, introverted fellows are alive when they live in the sanity of their thought and blossoming in the beauty of their imagination. The fact that people do not know what it entails to be an introvert has initiated a lot of confusion in the knowledge of this personality trait

Introverts are Largely Misconstrued:

Most people seems not to understand the personality features and behavior patterns of introverts. They are described with adjectives that either misrepresent them or are derogatory to their person. Introverts are quite folks who loves to interact with their imagination rather than interact with others. They indulged themselves to be, not only self-conscious, but also self-immersed; this makes them buffered from the judgment of everybody else. They do not get motivated by social events and people. They are usually their own best friend. Unfortunately, because of their unique trait they have been described with Adjectives such as anti-social, asocial, shy, paranoid, snobbish etc. this is not true. They are introverts and cannot pretend to be extroverts.

Introverts Talk Less but Think more:

Introverts, unlike extroverts do not like small talks. They talk less, however, if your want to get them talking, meaningful discussion should be introduce. They do a lot of thinking for obvious reasons. Introverts are known to readily come up with great ideas in the work place. During a discussion section, introverts are usually last to speak. They take their time to digest the variables of the discussion, before coming up with their own submission, which is the reason why their ideas are usually solid. An introvert would slip away quietly when extroverts engage themselves in not too beneficial discussions – they hate and shun any form of useless talk. Nevertheless, they don’t hesitate to speak out when important matters are been discussed.

Introverts are Independently Minded:

Introverts who understand who they are, are not usually moved by what people think of them. They are independent minded. They can readily work alone. They are always cocooned in their thoughts and their hobbies. An Introvert would prefer to do what he love than to attend a party. An introvert would be comfortable writing a good song, writing codes, poems, novel, or waking on a graphic project than going for any social event. Their love for independence and solitude has also been the source of their ability to be focus on a project. They are usually keen on doing and excelling in what they love to do


Introverts are not Necessarily Shy:

Most People usually tend to think that introversion is another word for shyness. This is another misconception that must be corrected. Introverted fellows are not necessary shy. Although there is a link between introversion and shyness, however, not all introverts are shy. It is important to note that shyness is the fear of negative judgment, while introversion basically is a personality trait in which people are inward looking rather than outwardly motivated. This means that if you are afraid people would judge you badly for want you do, then you are shy. In fact, most Extroverts are actually shy. There are extroverted people who cannot mount the stage to speak to an audience. Meanwhile, there are introvert who are public speakers. For instance, folks Like Bill Gate, Christina Aguilera, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, to name a few, have shown how introversion does not make a person liable to shyness.

Introverts are Good Leaders:

Introvert might love quietness, but they know how to motivate and encourage people to strive to achieve a goal; that what leadership is all about. This means that introverts are loyal not just to their bosses, but also to their subordinate. Unlike extroverts who are only interested in getting all the attention for the successes their team have achieved, introverts ensures that they helps their teams succeed even if it means subjugating his own crave self-aggrandizement. Even though introverts account for only 25 per cent of the world population, it is an indisputable fact that 5 of the first ten richest men in the world are introverts. You will agree with me that Wale Adenuga is one of the introverted top ten richest men in Nigeria.

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