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Communication: 8 Habits Of Smart Communicators





Good communication is one of the foundations for building a strong relationship and it is important in every aspect of life including running a successful business in a competitive market.

By developing good communication skills smart people have succeeded in achieving many their goals especially in leadership, business acumen, and even in their personal relationships.

8 Habits of smart people in good communication

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1. They Pay Attention

Good communicators understand the value of confirming assuring the speaker that they’re listening. Whether it’s through nods, brief verbal cues or paraphrasing the other person’s statements while paying attention to what the other person is saying. Of course being distracted by fumbling with a mobile phone is out the question.

2. They Never Interrupt

While in a conversation, a smart communicator never interrupts the speaker until it’s their turn. To interrupt someone in a discussion is disrespectful of the person’s opinion. Listening without cutting in will help you reflect on what you heard.

3. They’re open minded

Without open-mindedness, good communication is unlikely to occur on a regular basis. This is because, for instance, it’s easy to assume that a co-worker who dominates the office conversation flow is showing off. But a smart communicator avoids being drawn into such inferior mindset, instead, they ask clarifying questions and seek common interests.

4. They’re confident


Good communication requires confidence in other to interact with people, either doing business or with a colleague. Exuding confidence can be expressed by simply making eye contact or using a firm but friendly tone (and avoid making statements sound like questions). Although a smart communicator is careful not to sound arrogant or aggressive.

5. They’re Respectful

This is another criteria for good communication. People are more open to communicating with you if you show respect for them and their ideas. Therefore, smart communicators apply simple actions such as using a person’s name.

6. They show Empathy

good communication requires an understanding of other’s point of view whether it’s wrong. smart communicators use phrases as simple as “I understand where you are coming from” to demonstrate that they have been listening to the other person and still respect their opinions.

7. They convey clarity and concision

Effective communication requires saying just enough – not saying too little or talking too much. Smart communicators convey their messages in as few words as possible – whether speaking to someone in person, on the phone, email or social media. This can easily be achieved by thinking about what to say before saying it in order to avoid talking excessively and/or confusing your audience.

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8. Body Language

In good communication, nonverbal expression is the key. A relaxed, short eye contacts, simple smiles, open stance and a cordial tone will make you appear approachable. Smart communicators use these body signs to encourage others to speak openly with them.

Source: Naija News